Reverse osmosis

Our company has been dealing in the distribution, assembly and servicing of reverse osmosis filters for many years. Thanks to the reverse osmosis method, it is possible to obtain the highest quality water free from parasites, bacteria and viruses, ready for immediate consumption. 

Water Softeners

Maxi C water softeners are devices designed to protect entire water installations and devices connected to them against the precipitation of stone in single-family houses, boiler rooms, restaurants and car washes. The softener eliminates water hardness, i.e. calcium and magnesium salts, which settle down (especially under the influence of temperature) in household appliances and water installations increasing their failure rate and energy consumption.


Water treatment station

Water treatment stations

Each water treatment station is an individual technological solution. The water treatment technology selected in relation to the quantity and quality of raw water is arranged in a thoughtful manner in existing buildings and adapted to the specifics of the surroundings of the intake.